Functional training with loops: for men and women

To be in limbo is very useful - both men and women. Training with loops will be useful to those who would like to strengthen the muscles of the whole body. Including stabilizers, develop coordination and balance. And get great pleasure from fitness!

It must be admitted that the training training, which is very popular now, is not an invention of today. Yes, not even yesterday. Exercises on the ropes were described in one of the books on the physical education of boys already in the middle of the XIX century. Our contemporaries got to know them thanks to the famous TRX loops. Fitness lovers quickly appreciated that they can be used to modernize and make much more interesting habitual attacks, push-ups, pull-ups and other basic exercises. Come up with a lot of new movements, including stretching and balance. And as a result, not only to work out the muscles of the whole body, especially its central part, including stabilizing muscles, but also to develop flexibility, improve coordination and balance.

The projectile, which allows to achieve all these results, is extremely simple. Just a couple of lines with loops at the ends, in which you can pass both arms and legs. Such a simulator is easy to attach to any solid horizontal support, including a horizontal bar or a strong branch of a tree. You can work with him not only in the fitness club - by the way, in group lessons with loops in most cases sold out - but also at home. It is easy to take with you to continue classes while traveling and on business trips ...

"Loop trainer JungleGym XT“Exercises with which we will show today are a bit different from TRX,” says Valery Chistyakov, expert of the company “FitnessDom”, cms on karate and hand-to-hand fighting. - First, its lines are not connected at the top. Although you can give them such a position. But you can hang and parallel to each other at a greater or lesser distance. On the one hand, it expands the possibilities of its use and makes the exercise more comfortable. On the other hand, the straps are a little more difficult to even up in length. Although, by myself I will say, you adapt quickly. In addition, the JungleGym XT rubberized handles: insert the foot "in the stirrup" and remove it from it much easier. "

Who can workout with JungleGym XT?

For those who like to experiment. Performing even the most simple, familiar exercises in a “limbo” state, you get very unusual sensations. The shell is suitable for both women and men. Loops girls, by the way, will help strengthen the muscles of the chest, learn push-ups and pull-ups - perhaps the two most difficult and unloved exercises for young ladies. Men on this simulator will probably not gain muscle mass (although, judging by the reviews on the Internet, someone has succeeded in this). But they will make the body more prominent and strengthen the bark muscles, that is, they will be able to work with large weights without problems for the back.

Engage with loops can be as advanced athletes and beginners. But not entirely from scratch, instructors warn. Before complicating the exercises, doing them in an unstable position - and this happens with JungleGym XT - it is important to master them in the simplest, basic version. The technique, the trajectory and the amplitude of the movements must be worked out: it is much more difficult to control them on a loop trainer.

How to build a workout

* According to your fitness goals. If you just want to diversify your fitness classes, replace one of the usual strength training on the "loop". If there is no time at all - spend it in a circular mode, having completed only 4-5 exercises. Since this projectile forces many muscle groups to work at the same time, in this case you will also receive a considerable load. If your goal is to learn to pull up or push-ups, you can do this exercise at least every day. If you conduct lessons only with this equipment, do 2-3 times a week.

* Perform each exercise by 8-12 timesby doing 1-4 approaches or cycle in the circuit training mode. If you are only familiar with looping machines and fitness is not yet a pro, you can reduce the number of repetitions to 6-8 at all, but do them very carefully, in a good technique. Rest between the circles for 1-2 minutes.

* After securing the hinges in the doorway, on a tree branch or other support, first check the structure for strength: hang on it with all your weight.

* For each exercise, carefully adjust the length of the sling: both arms should be level.

* Change the load, reducing and increasing the length of the lines and the position of the feet / hands. Depending on this, the angle of the body changes, and you will work with resistance equal to 5% to 100% of your weight.

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