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“Everybody loses weight on bodyflex!” - says Marina Korpan - the most active bodyflex instructor and all sorts of breathing methods of losing weight in Russia: he teaches in the studio, consults at home and even travels to other cities. Among other things, is one of the most popular instructors of the channel "LIVE!".

Marina Korpan bodyflex

Marina Korpan has struggled with overweight since childhood. “I have always been pudding,” she says. - I tried different types of fitness: I used dumbbells and aerobics as a damned one. I remember, I did not eat anything for a year and then I was treated for another year. ” Bodyflex, which she mastered independently according to the book “Lose Weight in 15 Minutes” by Greer Childers, helped her defeat her inborn fullness. Having dropped 25 kg, Marina realized that she wanted to promote the respiratory methods of weight loss.

Marina Korpan has high professional hopes for breathing exercises. She regularly writes out a few new video programs from Greer Childers from America and is constantly improving her technique. In addition, she has mastered another respiratory gymnastics - Oxycise!, Which was invented eight years ago by the American Gillo Johnson.

By education Marina Korpan is a financier, she worked for a long time in a bank. Office work from 10.00 to 18.00 Marina did not like. However, the skills acquired at that time were useful when she decided to start her own business. Today she leads classes at the club she created in the north of Moscow.

Bodyflex with Marina Korpan

On bodyflex with Marina Korpan clients come different. The most difficult, according to the instructor, are those that have already given up on themselves. Marina Korpan gives an exhaustive description of a 45-year-old client: “She turns over by the millions, while she managed to gain more than 20 kg in a year, and she also firmly believes that life has not been set. She often has to remind her: “Masha, keep yourself in hand, or else I can see by my eyes: if I leave the door, you run to eat a loaf.” The method of work of Marina Korpan with the students is based on the unconditional subordination to the teacher: “You can eat what you want, just don’t say later that there’s no sense in bodyflex!”

Marina Korpan herself, however, is sure that one sandwich a day, intercepted while running, is uncritical: “I’ll come home now, breathe, and I will not postpone anything anywhere.” It’s pretty obvious that Marina Korpan’s novel with body flex is serious and for a long time. Her business card is herself. With the growth of 164 cm weighs 59 kg, has biceps in relief and elastic buttocks.

Bodyflex with Marina Corp., reviews

“Everybody loses weight on bodyflex,” Marina Korpan confidently reports. “I have a lot of clients, and they drop kilos in a matter of months.” The same Masha, about whom Marina told, in four months passed from the 62nd size of clothes to the 52nd. Such is the arithmetic.

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