How Ilya Vyaltsev oversaw a meeting with Buddha in Hong Kong

I recently went to Hong Kong on tour with singer Roma Kenga. We had a couple of days off to explore the city, and my friends and I came off in full.

The city on the ocean coast is unrealistically beautiful, especially in the evening: everything shines, glows, and the houses go high into the sky.

Hong Kong is the capital of world shopping: there are a lot of boutiques of famous brands and shops of local designers on the central streets. And the residents of the city are all mods. I also could not resist and left a tidy sum in the shops of Hong Kong. Since Asians have their own fashion, in two days of shopping I bought a bunch of shirts, pants, coats and shoes that are not exactly available from us.

Fashionable and beautiful, my friends and I for two and a half Hong Kong dollars - about ten rubles from the nose - crossed the ferry to the Kowloon Peninsula. There we hit the alley of Chinese cinema stars, where they found the stars of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. The alley itself stretches along the embankment, it's great to walk along it. And here we are taking a walk and taking pictures, when suddenly loud music begins to play, all the people run up to the shore, and everyone shows with their fingers to the other side. And there the skyscrapers begin to overflow with different lights, and a light and laser show is played in the sky. We opened our mouths. The skyscrapers blinked and glowed as if they were dancing, like in the most expensive clip, and giant equalizers were projected onto them. It turned out that every day at 20.00 local time there is this great show. If you are in Hong Kong, be sure to go and see.

In general, the city seems youth and Tusov, there are many nightclubs and bars, in which 90% of visitors are foreign tourists. We lived in the central part of Hong Kong, and after two blocks from us, the club zone began. These are several streets in which there are only pubs, clubs and other places of entertainment on the right and left.

Even in Hong Kong there is the world's largest statue of Buddha. But after exploring the club zone, I usually slept during the day, and you can only get to the huge statue until 5 pm In general, do not repeat my mistakes and visit the Buddha for me.

Hong Kong is one of the wonders of the world. This city is worth a visit. I will definitely return there more than once.

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