Meditation against pain

Even short-term meditation helps to cope with pain, says a study published the other day. This may seem strange, because the pain makes it difficult to concentrate - there is no place for meditation. But you can't argue with science.

A study on this topic was conducted by scientists from the University of North Carolina, whose results were yesterday. Actually, the idea is not new: in the last decade, neurophysiologists have been exploring in detail the effect on pain syndrome. It is already known that long-term practice can reduce the pain threshold, that is, a person's sensitivity to pain. The problem is that few modern patients are willing to spend enough effort, time and money on long meditation. For these patients, scientists from North Carolina have prepared good news: even short-term meditation - for twenty minutes over three days - helps to cope with the pain.

“This is the first study that demonstrates the effectiveness of such short-term meditation to reduce pain,” says Fadel Zeidan, author of the study. “The subjects, in comparison with the control group, felt less pain not only directly during the meditation, but also after it”.

The reaction to a tangible, but safe for health electric shock in three groups was investigated by three experiments: meditation, relaxation, and distracting techniques. Researchers recorded how painful sensation changes with conditionally high and low painful stimuli, as well as general sensitivity to pain. It turned out that distracting techniques like mathematical tasks increased the threshold of perception of severe pain in comparison with the control group, but meditation effectively reduced the sensations of strong and weak pain. Moreover, the effect of meditation persisted after the end of the practice.

The results of the study look convincing, but for me personally the question remains: how, if a toothache, for example, is tormenting, stop climbing onto the wall, exhale and start meditating? Unfortunately, researchers omit similar practical details. Perhaps one of you came to this discovery by experience and can share specific recommendations on how to do this?

Watch the video: Meditation for Pain Relief (February 2020).