7 non-obvious reasons for weight gain

When you bring a couple of extra pounds from an all-inclusive vacation, there are usually no questions about how this happened. But what if you are recovering for no apparent reason? Weight gain can be provoked by non-obvious factors. Let's discuss them with nutritionists.

Reason # 1: prolonged stress

Single problems at work or conflicts in the family are unlikely to spoil your figure, but chronic problems are most likely. “With acute short-term stress, the hormone adrenaline is released, which helps burn fat,” says Anna Melekhina, a nutritionist at the Lantan Clinic. “However, if stress becomes chronic, the body produces the hormone cortisol, which contributes to the accumulation of fat.”

In addition, while being nervous, many are comforted by buns and chocolates, which is why weight is growing again.

What to do? We can do without the advice "just stop being nervous." Since the production of cortisol can provoke many factors, among which, in the opinion John lee, a Californian therapist and author of a dozen books on hormonal health, not only emotional experiences, but also overwork, hunger, excessive physical exertion, etc.

Therefore, if it is impossible to get rid of stress factors, at least try to minimize their consequences in any convenient way.

Reason number 2: medication

Some drugs can cause significant weight fluctuations. And the mechanism here may be different. "Taking certain medications slows down the metabolism," explains Nonna Kukhina, nutritionist, academician of the New York Academy of Technological and Social Sciences. - This is usually the sin of antacid substances, which are prescribed for heartburn, gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. By lowering acidity, they can interfere with protein digestion. Other means can increase appetite, and still others can retain body fluid, which also leads to weight gain. ”

“Weight gain and hormone supplements - corticosteroids, progesterone and testosterone - contribute,” Anna Melekhina continues the list. “As well as anticonvulsants, antidepressants and psychotropic substances.”

What to do? Do not cancel the medication alone - this can only be done by your doctor. You can balance your diet, drinking regimen and train more actively.

Reason number 3: fluctuations in the menstrual cycle

After ovulation, our body begins to prepare for a possible pregnancy: the appetite increases, we gain weight. "And 3-4 days before the beginning of a new cycle in the body, there is also fluid retention, which also affects the weights," adds Anna Melekhina.

What to do? Learn to live in harmony with your cycle and not panic. “Take it easy for weight fluctuations during the menstrual cycle: plus or minus 1-2 kg is absolutely normal,” says Anna Melekhina. - Try to focus on the target range of weight, rather than a specific figure: for example, 57-59 kg, and not strictly 57 kg. " And do not forget that the specific problems of the ICP can also be solved.

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