Effective exercises for the press at home! (A PHOTO)

I will please you: everyone has a beautiful press and cherished cubes. They are simply hidden under a layer of fat on the abdomen. Proper nutrition and exercises for the press will help to deal with it: at home you can perform a simple but fairly effective complex.

If your goal is thin waist and flat stomachFirst of all, think about nutrition. The most important thing is to exclude fried, fat, sweet, flour. As well as salt and spices: sometimes you can have a little soy sauce with a minimum salt content and natural ketchup or tomato paste. Portions of food should not be too large, but do not need to starve: if you are malnourished, the metabolism is broken, there will be swelling and begin, as they say, to “swell up with hunger”.

Many athletes set a goal to build abdominals, to increase their volume. In this case, difficult exercises are needed - lowering the legs lying down or raising the legs in the legs. But for most people, in order to achieve just a beautiful relief press, it is enough to do light press exercises at home with a lot of repetitions. Working on the press, we burn fatty tissue, not only in the abdomen, but throughout the body. Exercises for the press are generally unique in that they involve many zones: the body, the arms, and the legs.

How to train press

Give the press too much attention is not necessary: ​​if you do, for example, an hour a day, an excessive massage of internal organs will not lead to a good one. 15–20 minutes a day is quite enough, and exercises for the press can be performed both before and during and after training. But for beginners I advise you to choose a couple of easy exercises (for example, like this) and do the minimum number of repetitions in two sets every other day. From the second week, you can increase the load, listening to your feelings.

There is another good exercise for the press - at home, on the street or in the office, you can do it all the time and completely unnoticed. Although no, after all, someone will eventually notice that you have built and began to keep your back straight. The fact is that when you straighten your posture, your stomach automatically retracts. Exercise is just to straighten the spine and keep the belly slightly taut. If you do not forget about it, very soon the results will please you!

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Exercises for the press and the principles of training for men and women are no different. But the goals are different. For men, it is desirable that the cubes really were, but women would be better if they were not. If two vertical stripes are drawn on the stomach and even one horizontal one on top is still normal. But if you see not only the top two dice, but the rest, then you have overdone it. When a woman seeks a dried-up male press, she can disrupt the fat balance, and this entails a threat to reproductive function and failure in other metabolic processes. In addition, all six cubes of a woman are no longer aesthetically pleasing, and many will agree with me on this.

Exercises for the abs

I offer you simple and effective exercises for the press at home. After each of them I recommend to stretch well to relieve tension from the abdominal muscles. The number of approaches is arbitrary.

1. Raising the hull by 20 degrees

How to perform: Lie on your back, bend your knees and lift the shoulder blades above the floor, concentrating on the work of the press. Perform 20-40 repetitions.

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