5 books about weight loss, written by stars. Part 1

In pursuit of a slim body, we often focus on celebrities. And indeed, who, if not them, can understand the intricacies of proper nutrition and counting calories, because their appearance is the key to a successful career. Many star beauties become authors of books about losing weight, but how good are these publications? 5 of the most popular of them, we discussed with nutritionists.

Books about losing weight: Gwyneth Paltrow, It's All Good

Despite the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow’s naturally slim and graceful body has been inherited by nature, she is a fierce fan of healthy eating. The diet of a Hollywood diva, described in the book It's All Good (“All is Good”) is one of the most criticized, because it contains quite peculiar principles: the daily calorie is 700 kcal or less; eat should be fractional, every 2-3 hours in small portions; up to 80% of the diet is liquid food - drinks, smoothies and soups. The basis of nutrition consists of low-calorie fresh vegetables with low GI. Salt, sugar, alcohol, flour, fried, fatty, salty, smoked, any semi-finished products, ready-made mixtures, many frozen foods, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and all dairy products are excluded from the diet. Now imagine that all this should be combined with daily two-hour aerobic exercises.

Lose weight with this diet and workouts, of course, possible, but at what cost? “This nutrition plan is unbalanced,” notes Alla Pogozheva, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Leading Researcher of FGBUN “FITS Nutrition and Biotechnology”. - Diets with an energy value below 1000 kilocalories can not be used for a long time. Due to lack of protein, immunity may be reduced. A calcium deficiency, the main source of which are dairy products, will eventually lead to osteoporosis. Plus, if such a diet is observed, hypovitaminosis will develop. ”

Books about losing weight: Alicia Silverstone, The kind diet

In his youth, Alicia Silverstone differed quite appetizing forms, and at the peak of fame and completely stout. Vegetarianism helped the actress to get in shape - she completely refused meat and animal products. In the book The kind diet ("Good diet") Silverstone claims that the new lifestyle brought her not only slimness, but also vigor, healthy skin, nails and hair.

The basis of the diet - the rejection of animal products (the actress proposes to break it into three stages: "Flirt", "Vegan", "Superheroes"). This implies protein intake in the diet at the expense of legumes and soy. Grains, nuts, corn, cereals and their derivatives are allowed (for example, rice desserts or even pizza are quite acceptable), and sugar, coffee and alcohol (except dry wine) are banned. Alicia Silverstone recommends eating three times a day (plus snacks) and does not allow you to eat later than 4 hours before bedtime. Mandatory elements of the diet - the right drinking regime and daily physical activity.

This system has its advantages: Alla Pogozheva notes that plant food nourishes the body with volatile production (antimicrobial substances), dietary fibers, which help to remove cholesterol and glucose and provide a feeling of satiety. However, the expert notes that the complete abandonment of animal products leads to a lack of essential amino acids, vitamins D, B2A b12as well as iron, calcium, iodine and zinc.

"We are made up of protein and fat," adds Alexey Kovalkov, doctor of medical sciences, head of the “Clinic of weight correction of doctor Kovalkov”. - The body will not allow itself to restrict itself in proteins; it will begin to break down the cells of the intestines, the liver and build its own body of them. And vegetable protein cannot replace animal, because it is depleted in amino acids. ” In addition, experts note that grains and flour products allowed in the diet can also lead to weight gain.

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