5 ways to make your eyes expressive

In the arsenal of women expressive look - the main weapon. But tiredness and lack of sleep so often prevent us from waking up in the morning by the goddess. We offer you as many as 5 tricks, thanks to which you will get an expressive look in five minutes.

Use a light pencil.

Better beige or ivory. Apply it on the line of the mucous of the lower eyelid. This technique will make the view more open, help disguise the traces of insomnia.

Twist eyelashes

Straight eyelashes can cast a shadow, creating a bruise under the eyes. Curl them before applying mascara. Hold the tweezers under hot water, let cool for a while and start curling from the roots to the tips. Then apply mascara in two layers. Only in no case use tweezers on your painted eyelashes, you can break them.

Use highlighter

It will help you to make the look more open and mask the signs of fatigue. Apply a highlighter (you can also light the shadows with the effect of flickering) on ​​the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyebrow. Western make-up artists call such a technique "lighting", and insist that an optical illusion will help make the eyes bigger. You can find more information about using the highlighter here.

Correctly apply eyeliner

Take the liner and apply it directly along the lash line (the line should be thin). So the lashes will appear thicker and longer.

Use blue pencil

If you wake up with red eyes due to fatigue, divert attention with such cunning - apply a blue shadow on the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid. This shade visually neutralizes redness.

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