Svetlana Ratnikova: how to travel with a small child

For the first time, we took our daughter on a long car trip when she was only a month old. Since then, we regularly make road trips together, and I learned to make the road easy and enjoyable for her.

Our usual route, Moscow - Vilnius, takes about ten hours to drive. “Unhappy child!” - grandmothers regret our four-year-old daughter Kira, who we almost always take with us. In fact, she loves the road, and I do not remember that she was naughty on the way. Of course, I was lucky that the child is calm, patient and you can always agree with her. But there are a few simple tricks that make it easier for a daughter to take a ten-hour journey.

- Habit and adaptation. If you have a long way to go, do a rehearsal. You can go somewhere close and tell the child that you will soon have a great trip. Still, my daughter calmly behaves on the road, in part because she is used to it.

- Regular respite. In the summer we go out to collect flowers, in the winter we can play snowballs or just run. We have a picnic or go to a cafe - there are already favorite restaurants on the familiar route.

- Desired goal. Need to motivate a child. When we go from Moscow to Lithuania, Kira always wants to get to her grandmother, where kisses, hugs and gifts await her. Sometimes she is in such a hurry that she even calls my husband to return to the car soon. “In order not to waste time,” she says. An hour before arrival in Vilnius, Kira begins to dress in a festive dress, because she is going to visit, albeit to her grandmother. It is important for her to show her grandparents how she has changed and matured.

- Toys, coloring books and pencils, a designer or puzzle, picture books, a movie on a laptop. One of our last lessons on the road is a theatrical performance with soft toys that walk around the back of the front seat as if on stage, sing songs or recite poems, change clothes, wrap themselves up in handkerchiefs, and then receive a prize for the best performance.

- An interesting topic for conversation with the child. When it gets dark, our favorite Kira theme is space, spacecraft, satellites and the flight to the moon, which is also so interesting to look at through the window.

- Sharing responsibility for the road. In the case of Kira, it always works. She likes to think that she helps the driver on the road. She examines traffic signs, learns and announces some, asks others about it. When you need to fill the car, the daughter carefully treats her with raspberry or banana cocktail, although he knows that the car “eats” gasoline. She also likes to check our passports before going through customs.

- The correct time to travel. If the child is sleeping during the day, then it is worthwhile to leave just at the time when he was already used to packing. If you do not mind driving in the dark, you can leave part of the way for the night. The child will look at the road, you will talk to him, lull him, and the road will pass unnoticed. For my husband and I, this is usually very important: when the daughter falls asleep, I move forward and we can discuss and plan something. It is like a reboot: they have not yet had time to leave the usual rhythm, but they haven’t been immersed in new impressions either. We even have some need to sometimes close the family from all things in the car like this and calmly communicate.

How do you travel with children?

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