Unusual recipes with pears

Midsummer is the best time to feast on juicy pears and, of course, dishes from them. The most interesting recipes with pears were collected for you by Ekaterina Maslova, the chief editor of the Recipes from Chefs magazine.

Pears should love not only for the delicate taste and aroma. These fruits are very helpful. Especially pregnant women and children, because they are rich in folic acid. This element is necessary for growth, development of the circulatory and immune systems and at the same time in our body is not produced.

Plus, the pear contains a lot of good potassium for the heart (119 mg per 100 g of the product). And finally, although ripe fruits seem very sweet, there is little sugar in them. Like calories: 42 kcal per 100 g. That is why pears make excellent desserts, suitable for those who follow weight.

Pear lemonade with tarragon

Christian lorenzinirestaurant chef Christian:

“Pear is an ideal base for lemonade. This fruit is sweet in itself, so you can use quite a bit of sugar in recipes with a pear. To make lemonade refreshing, I recommend shading the sweetness of this fruit with lemon or lime juice and fresh herbs. Basil or Tarkhun (tarragon) will work well. ”

Ingredients (0.5 L): 100 g pulp of pear without skin, 1 tbsp. l lemon juice, 1.5 tbsp. mineral sparkling water, 2 tbsp. l sugar, 3 tbsp. l cold water, 3 branches of tarragon.

Instruction. First, prepare the homemade syrup with tarragon: sugar, cover with cold water, add 2 sprigs of tarragon, put on low heat and boil the syrup until thick, then strain and cool. Punch pear in mashed potatoes in a blender. In a jug, crush a sprig of tarragon, add pear sauce, syrup, lemon juice, add mineral water and add ice to taste. Decorate with pear slices.

Pizza with pear and gorgonzola

Carlo Grecurestaurant chef Sixty and brand chef of the restaurant "Karlson":

“In Italy, the combination of ripe juicy pears with blue cheeses (with noble blue mold) is considered classic. The most commonly used gorgonzola - one of the most famous and popular Italian cheeses. You can combine such a cheese and a pear not only in salads, but also in pizza. It turns out a very interesting dish. The sweet pear blends in wonderfully with the tart, tangy, blue cheese flavor and crispy thin pizza dough. ”

Ingredients (per 1 pizza): 150-200 g of pizza dough, 80 g of gorgonzola cheese (can be replaced by any other with blue mold), 1 pear (250 g), 1 tsp. olive oil, 100 g mozzarella cheese for pizza. For the test (per 1 kg): 7 g of live yeast, 1/2 tbsp. l salt, 700 g of flour, 1.5 tbsp. carbonated water, 1 tbsp. l olive oil.

Instruction. For the dough: add the flour to the dough mixer or mixer, add the remaining ingredients, knead the dough well, cover it with a damp towel and let stand 30 minutes. From the finished dough, pinch off a piece weighing 150-200 g (depending on the desired thickness of the pizza). Roll out in a circle or in the shape of a baking sheet. Pear cut into thin circles with a thickness of 1-2 mm. Put grated mozzarella and slices of blue cheese on the dough, put the pizza in the oven, preheated to 250 ° C for 2-5 minutes (the mozzarella should melt). Then put mugs of pears on top of the pizza, pour over olive oil and bring the dish to readiness in the oven for another 3-5 minutes.

Salad with Pear, Figs and Pecans

Cyril Berger, brand chef restaurants Rose Bar and Forte Bello:

“A pear can be cooked in different ways, but it tastes best, and even healthier, it is fresh. As such, it is good to add it to different fruit and vegetable dishes. It goes well with all green salads - arugula, root, iceberg, lollo-rosso, lettuce. On a hot day, you can make a large bowl of mixed salads, add a couple of thinly sliced ​​pears, tuck in a spoon of olive oil and balsamic cream - a light lunch is ready! ”

Ingredients (for 4 servings): 2 pears "conference", 200 g of arugula, 4 fresh figs, 1 tbsp. l fresh blueberries, 1 tbsp. l fresh raspberries, 2 sprigs of mint, 100 g of cheese with blue mold, 2 tbsp. l honey, 4 tbsp. l pecan nuts (can be replaced with walnuts), 1 tbsp. l balsamic cream, 2 tbsp. l olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Instruction. Pour honey over the figs and bake for 10 minutes in the oven at 150 ° C. Cut the pears into thin slices, break the cheese into pieces. Salt and pepper arugula to taste, season with olive oil and arrange on plates, top with cheese, mugs of pear, sliced ​​figs, berries, pour balsamic salad over lettuce. Decorate with mint and nuts.

Duck breast and caramelized pear salad

Andrey Koshkodan, chef of More More restaurant:

“Sweet fruits go well with poultry: for example, goose with apples, turkey with prunes, duck with pears. In the latter case, I usually add fresh melon mousse and moldy cheese sauce to the duck breast and pear in the company in order to shade the taste of the bird more strongly. ”

Ingredients (for 1-2 servings): 1 pear (250 g), 200 g duck breast, 400 g melon, 50 g gorgonzola cheese (or other cheese with mold), 1 tbsp. l cream 33% fat, a handful of lettuce, 1 tbsp. l cane sugar, salt and pepper to taste.

Instruction. Peel the breasts from films, salt, pepper, fry in olive oil, cut lengthwise into thin slices. For mousse: peel the melon and remove the seeds, whisk in a blender into the mousse. For the cheese sauce: melt the cream, add the cheese, then 5 minutes on low heat. Pear cut into slices and clean from seeds. Put sugar on a red-hot frying pan, and then a pear, caramelize it for 30 seconds, constantly turning it over, then put it on a plate, duck slices on top, and so on in several layers. Pour melon mousse and cheese sauce on top.

Pear dough

MAksim Butchers, chef restobar "Projector":

“This is the perfect dessert for those who are on a diet, fasting, or sticking to vegetarian food: the dish is light and does not contain animal products. I usually cook a pear in sugar syrup. If you want to make the dish less calorie, bake the fruit in the oven for a couple of minutes until soft. ”

Ingredients (per serving): 1 pear, 1 sheet of filo dough, 600 ml of water, 1.5 tbsp. Sugars, 2 star star anise, 2 pcs. cardamom, 1 cinnamon stick, 2 carnation inflorescences, half an orange, 1 tsp. powdered sugar, orange and lemon zest to taste, raspberry jam for serving (optional).

Instruction. Combine water, sugar, spices and zest in a saucepan, boil the syrup. Pear peeled, cut the lower part of the fruit, remove the core, put in the syrup, cook to softness, remove from the syrup and cool. Peel the orange, cut it into slices, peel off the slices of films and fill them with boiled pear. Cut filo dough into 2 strips, wrap the pear crosswise, wetting the edges of the dough with water. Sprinkle the pear in the dough with powdered sugar and bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 170 ° C. You can serve the pear with raspberry jam.

And this is not all that can be cooked with pears. This fruit will also be a good base for a quick snack with cheese cream. The recipe is in our social networks.

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