Bicycle aerobics with Tatyana Lisitskaya

Recently my book “Bicycle Aerobics” was published, written in collaboration with Alexander Golenko. I offer you her brief review: what is bicycle aerobics, why is it needed and what is better than other workouts.

Bicycle aerobics is a type of fitness designed for group lessons. The instructor on his simulator is located in front of the students and monitors how each of them performs the exercises. However, the task of the instructor is not only in control. It creates a certain emotional background, helps to feel the atmosphere of a real bike ride or race.

The history of bicycle aerobics began in 1995, when the outstanding athlete-cyclist Johnny Goldberg together with Schwinn developed the Mad Dog Athletics program and a stationary bicycle for her. The program simulated a real race in the open air - with wind, hills and even butterflies. The competitors were not long in coming: the Cycle Reebok, Power Racing programs from Keizer and RPM from the Les Mills family, which is also called the “rock concert on wheels” for their energy and emphasis on the musical part, soon appeared. Programs differ in intensity and features of building a lesson. In Power Racing, for example, you need to move in accordance with the musical rhythm, swinging while riding, and perform strength exercises on the upper part of the body.

In combination with a balanced diet, bicycle aerobics is one of the best methods of losing weight: this is facilitated by a change in the intensity of the load and the use of large muscle groups. As a bonus - stress relief and just the pleasure of energetic work in a group.

How is cycling aerobics better than classical, dance or step aerobics? To effectively engage in any of these areas, you need to pass a course of coordination training - to learn dance and gymnastic movements. But since many people can not train more often 3-4 times a week, preparation for classes may be delayed, and the result will not appear soon. In addition, some people are contraindicated in shock loads on the musculoskeletal system, stepping and dancing. In this situation, bicycle aerobics is the best choice.

There are other advantages:

- the load on the cardiovascular system is precisely dosed, you can not be afraid of overload. Use a separate heart monitor is recommended only to those who have heart problems;

- load varies easily. You can rise above the saddle and fall on it, change the resistance of the pedals and their rotational speed, sit with your back straight in the “walking” mode, or lean forward in acceleration;

- a group lesson is held taking into account the individual capabilities of each participant, including people with asthma, hypertension, and diabetes.

Bicycle aerobics has advantages over the usual cycling. Classes in the hall eliminate injuries and make you independent of climate and weather. In addition, bicycle aerobics always goes to the music, and listening to the player while riding a bicycle in the city is not safe.

Agree, not bad! What else would you like to know about bicycle aerobics?

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