Weight loss in a month? It is possible! "Fit-mix" - fitness program for weight loss

Losing weight in a month is possible - if three times a week to work out a fitness mix by Leonid Zaitsev three times a week. What is special about this fitness workout and for what purpose should you choose it?

Effective fitness program for weight loss

“Fit-mix” is a live experiment of Leonid Zaitsev on TV channel “LIVE!”. Both seasons fitness programs "Fit-mix" they were shot in real time three times a week, the same people participated in the classes. It was thanks to this format that the effectiveness of the course became obvious: all its participants noticeably improved their shape and well-being and realized that they wanted to continue regular trainings. But the main thing - losing weight in a month without diets turned out to be real!

In fact, "Fit Mix" is a reality show in which any viewer can take part. TV channel "LIVE!" or user of our fitness video library. Why are these classes so good?

The ability to "surprise the body"

Any fitness classes over time become less effective: the body adapts to the load and progress slows down. As a rule, to maintain performance, it is necessary to “surprise the body”: increase the weight or switch to another training complex.

In his program "Fit-mix" Leonid Zaitsev chose an alternative approach. He decided to combine elements of different disciplines in one workout. Experiments have shown that, for example, adding Pilates principles increased the effectiveness of classes from 4-6 to 16 weeks. In the end, after a series of studies, Leonid Zaitsev gathered an effective fitness mix from fit boxing, pilates, "Isotone" and fit yoga.

Motivation for regular training

While the body is surprised, it is also important to maintain motivation to practice. In this regard, "Fit-mix" has several advantages at once. First, it combines different types of fitness, and therefore will not be bored. Running for an hour, not sending curses to the address of the treadmill or the hands on the clock, can not all. And on the Fit-Mix, we started with Pilates, switched to yoga, cheered up with a fit-box. All that you love - in one workout!

Secondly, the fit-box allows you to master the impact technique, as well as work in pairs, which is not so common in other disciplines. This will support interest in the classes.

And finally, in order to rightly assess the effectiveness of training, you need to get out during the month exactly three times a week. Such a task is quite similar to the doable. And if you endure such a period, then you might not want to quit training in a month.

Fit-mix: losing weight in a month!

More muscle means less fat. This is the standard task of any method of correction. How is this achieved in the Fit-Mix? Exercises of the “Isotone” system make slow muscle fibers work in the uncharacteristic oxygen-free mode. They function without relaxation, and thus increase their ability to use oxygen. Research and practice have shown that this effect contributes to intensive fat loss.

In addition, breathing practices from yoga come to the aid of Isotone. Fat burning is accelerated by Kapalabhati and Uddiyana Bandha techniques, versions of which are used in most modern respiratory weight loss systems.

To track the dynamics of weight loss for the month, take measurements of the girth of the waist, hips and buttocks before the start of classes. Fix and other indicators of interest to you. Perhaps it is the first results that you find in a week that will set you up for regular sessions for a month, or even more.

Posture Correction

Without a correct posture, neither a beautiful figure nor good health will exist. “Fit-mix” eliminates slouching not only due to the targeted effect on the back muscles. Many respiratory muscles are actively involved in the formation of posture. The principles of Pilates and Isotone improve their coordination, strength and ability to use oxygen. Having achieved a balance in the work of the motor and respiratory muscles, it will be easier for you to maintain a correct body position.

Stretch enhancement

Stretching in the Fit-Mix is ​​performed both in the power mode and in the relaxing mode. In the first case, it helps to strengthen the isotonic effect on the muscles, in the second - to get rid of the tension that constantly accumulates in the body.

Self defense skills

The task of teaching self-defense techniques in the "Fit Mix" is not originally. Nevertheless, all the percussion techniques presented in the program are based on the classical system. If you master them carefully, you will advance far enough in boxing.

Did you practice the Fit-Mix?

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