What to replace sugar

You are mistaken if you think that replacing sugar with honey, fructose or sweeteners is to make a confident step towards health and a slim figure. The fact is that most of the possible doublers of sugar are not much better than the notorious “white poison”, and sometimes even worse.

“If our body needs salt in small quantities,” says nutritionist Ekaterina Belova, “then sugar is a completely useless product. Those who claim that it is needed for the brain to work are mistaken. The brain requires glucose, which is better to get from slow carbohydrates. ” That is, in the midst of a session or a workbench at work, it’s worth replacing sugar and desserts with unrefined rice, whole-grain flour products, cereals (excluding semolina), vegetables and non-sugar fruits (for example, apples).

That is how you will ensure a uniform rise in the level of glucose in the blood and stabilize it for a long time. Whereas from fast carbohydrates (for example, chocolates or sweet pastries made from wheat flour), it will instantly take off, but soon it will fall again and the body will begin to demand a new portion of food. This is just what is harmful sugar. If you lose weight or try not to gain weight, sugar consumption will definitely hurt.

“We are drawn to sweets for two reasons,” says Ekaterina Belova. - First, we, however, are hungry, and the easiest way for the body to get a portion of energy is from fast carbohydrates. But here it is enough to realize what is happening and eat something more useful. The second is psychological: we seize experiences or replace with sweets something that we really lack. ” In this case, too, of course, it is worth solving the problem (some methods are described here), but it is clear that this may not happen very quickly. And if in this situation you think of replacing sugar with something else, you should at least know what to expect from this “other”.


The most obvious, but far from perfect, substitute. Natural honey has earned the image of a useful product: it contains vitamins of group B and vitamin C, glucose and protein, potassium, iron and a lot of other trace elements. It has antibacterial and antiviral effects, so it helps with colds.

“Honey is useful, but rather as a medicine,” says nutritionist Ekaterina Belova. - You need to understand that this is the same sweetness as sugar. It is the same high-calorie and also makes the blood glucose level jump. That is why a daily tea or, as is sometimes advised, even a tablespoon of honey is not at all so obligatory. ” It turns out that if we replace sugar with honey, we will get the benefit, but we will not avoid harm.

Cane sugar

Replacing beet sugar with reed is also a popular move. But absolutely meaningless. “There is no difference in the effects of these products on the body,” says Ekaterina Belova. - part with illusions and do not overpay for unnecessary ".

However, there is still a slight difference between these types of sugar, but not in favor of cane sugar. Most of it in our market is fake: just plain white tinted sugar. Why do you need extra dye in food?

Fructose, xylitol, sorbitol and chemical sugar substitutes in tablets

Sweeteners do not raise blood sugar levels like sugar, but that is why they are also unsafe. You eat sweet, and the body does not get the usual and expected effect. So if you replace the sugar on them, the portions can increase to infinity.

Plus, each sweetener has its own characteristics. Fructose promotes fat deposition even more than sugar. (See the article “Fructose Fills Stronger Mayonnaise”). “Xylitol and sorbitol sweeteners are destroyed by heat treatment, you cannot cook anything with them,” says Ekaterina Belova. - And chemical sweeteners (some of them, by the way, are banned in different countries) have side effects that we don’t even guess. Excessive consumption of certain sugar substitutes (for example, as part of “dietary” soda) threatens with serious problems, including cancer. ”


Nutritionists consider it the best sugar substitute. The leaves of this plant are very sweet, but the consumption of stevia does not affect the level of glucose in the blood. However, it does not give side effects, it is absolutely safe and even used in baby food. However, you need to get used to it: stevia has an unusual taste and can give a bitter aftertaste, if you eat it too much. Determine the dosage empirically.

It is not easy to replace sugar with stevia in baking: “white poison”, in addition to taste, also gives volume. And putting in the recipe a few leaves of the plant instead of a glass of bulk product, you have to figure out how to compensate for the missing mass. But to drink tea with stevia is very simple and tasty. And both hot and cold. The latter (brewed and pre-cooled) can be taken with you in a bottle instead of buying its counterpart in the store, which is full of sugar and chemistry.

Dietary Desserts

If you really want sweet, you can eat and dessert. Not everyone, of course. In the world of desserts, there is a hopeless evil — for example, a sponge cake with a thick cream — and less acceptable pleasures. Compare: a piece of apple pie is equal in calories (approximately 480 kilocalories) to five baked apples without sugar.

In addition to baking apples and pears (by the way, a great option is to stuff them with cottage cheese!) At home you can try making diet cookies made from grain and oatmeal and replace sugar with finely chopped sweet dried fruits. In finished form, such an artifact can be found in the shops of raw foodists.

It also makes sense to look for (or cook by yourself) fresh natural marshmallow, marshmallow, marmalade or jelly without chemicals. The composition of such products should be fruit juice or puree, and as a thickener - pectin, agar-agar or gelatin. These ingredients slow down the absorption of sugar present in them, so desserts with them are considered dietary. But do not forget that sugar is still there.

Finally, you can treat yourself to chocolate. Of course, bitter, that is, cocoa and cocoa butter without sugar or almost without sugar. The proposal to replace sugar with dark chocolate may seem strange - it is not sweet. But I kind of succeeded: having tasted good bitter chocolate, I generally stopped eating any other. It's too sweet.

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