Wellness tour in Thailand: a short break before the exam

Elephants, monkeys and jungle conqueror Stanislav Rogachev.

The participants of our tour are concentrating on studying Yijin Jing - a complex of 12 basic exercises of Chinese gymnastics, as well as certain methods of breathing and concentration. Conscientious students did not want to interrupt the classes for the whole day for the sake of the excursion, but today we managed to find the time between day and evening workouts for a ride on elephants.

Before that, few of us rode elephants. Why, few have seen an elephant in its natural habitat. Now everyone was able to fill this gap and ride, sitting on the back of an elephant or even at the driver's seat, right on the neck, hiding his legs behind elephant's ears. Feet driver steers, spurring the animal under the ears.

, without hesitation, jumped on an elephant and became the leader of our wild pack. Natasha, Tanya and Ksyusha also turned out to be not a shy dozen: they alternately replaced each other at the driver's place.

To admit, if I knew in advance what way we would be led, I would not agree to this adventure: we walked over a precipice along a narrow winding path covered with stones and fallen trees. When the youngest six-year-old elephant tried to overcome another turn, Olga and I involuntarily closed our eyes in horror.

After the walk, we fed the elephants and watched their bath procedures. Here we found a monkey, which immediately joined the company and behaved like a tender child.

Not far from the elephant farm, we found a quiet beach and had a picnic at sunset, and then fooling around, taking pictures, dreaming and, of course, swimming.

It was already dark after they returned to the hotel, where the Yi Jin Jing evening class was waiting for us. Despite the fatigue, no one missed the training, because soon the exam and the presentation of certificates!

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