Dance and lose weight: master the zumba (video)

Every year more and more fans appear at this dance direction. And no wonder: the zumba lessons allow you to solve a whole range of tasks, they help you lose weight, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, develop coordination ... Learn the movements of zumba in our video lesson.

Zumba has many advantages: it can be mastered by people with any level of training and “dance experience”. In the classroom you can hardly get bored, and during your one-hour workout you will be able to work out quite well the main muscle groups and get a fairly intense aerobic exercise. Zumba is good for those whose goal is not to lose weight, but to improve their health. According to a study by the European Society of Cardiology, regular zumba classes (and other Latin dance styles) are useful for people in the 65+ category. As the experiment showed, such training three times a week improves the coordination and work of the joints, which facilitates the daily life of patients - at the end of the study, the experimental subjects reported that it became easier for them to climb stairs and do housework.

Zumba: how to master the basic movement

Despite the fact that this dance is quite simple in performance (as compared to, say, flamenco), there are important nuances here. “It makes no sense to master the individual elements of the zumba, we usually learn dance bundles, that is, a series of movements, in the classroom,” comments Alexandra Buyanova, a certified teacher of Zumba, Contemporary, Ballet and other directions, a teacher of the network of dance schools Yara-Dance Studio and the studio “Time to Dance”.

We asked Alexander to prepare a small video zumba for beginners.

Watch the video: 30 Minutes Zumba Dance Workout - Full video (December 2019).