Svetlana Litvinova about the SDK festival

The trainer “ALIVE!” Svetlana Litvinova visited the SDK Europe festival in the Czech Republic. Along with her at the festival, there were several of the world's best dance instructors in four disciplines: Locking, Popping, House and Hip-Hop. Looking at them, Svetlana stopped thinking about at what age dancing classes look ridiculous.

At the festival I felt myself in another dimension - plunged into dancing with my head. People who came to the SDK, just to have fun, would feel ill at ease. They would be bored. This place is far from Prague, three and a half hours away. This village called Zhidnitsa. A pond with ducks, six dance floors around it, wooden houses and camping with tents.

Beer there, of course, also sold at all points of the catering. But there was not a single person who drank a lot. There gathered those who love dancing and do them professionally. Imagine the perfect isolation from everyday life, when you can do only dancing, think only about dancing and no longer be distracted by anything.

The SDK Europe camp provides just such a rare opportunity. In everyday life, you occasionally ask yourself: maybe calm down with dancing and do organizational work? Maybe take, for example, the selection of dancers for events? But a trip to a dance festival kills such thoughts for a long time, and you start already to work quietly without stupid questions to yourself.

After a trip to the festival it became absolutely clear to me what to do next. My main focus in dance has always been Hip-Hop. Now I am learning Popping to combine different styles in dance. And also, after watching the great, without exaggeration, dancers, I once again found confirmation of several important things.

For a professional, age is not important

Sometimes you think: how many years can you jump? Maybe at some age it will look already inadequate and ridiculous, and you will not know about it? Maybe at age 35 you need to stop dancing? Or at 45? But when you come from events such as the SDK, you think that everything depends only on yourself.

When you see how the masters are dancing, who once invented dance styles and who are already over 50, any stereotypes go away. Most likely, a very serious level can be achieved just by the age of 35-45.

Dancers look funny at this age, for whom dancing is just a pastime or a hobby. Before the professionals can only bow down. At the festival with a master class was, for example, the famous American dancer and choreographer Archie, who is already over 50. And he looked very cool and not a bit funny.

Feel responsible

For a professional dancer, star status is very important. But he does not use it to be proud and say: “Yes! I am a star!". For him, something else is important. Everything that he says is perceived with great attention. Having visited his master class, people will carry this information further, to their dance schools, and will tell the same to their students. A professional feels all the responsibility that lies on him, and he takes every phrase or movement very seriously.

The same Archie or another well-known choreographer who was on the SDK, Poppin Pete, managed a group of 150 dancers and followed each one. At the same time, 150 people repeated their movements behind them, and the teachers snatched from the crowd everyone who was mistaken. They said, "You, you and you, you are doing the wrong move." And then approached them and corrected.

listen to music

If a dancer does not listen to music, he will not be able to improve his skills. Even sharpening movements and good physical shape are not as conducive to success as musicality. First, music is born, and only then - dance.

When a professional is dancing, it seems that he knows the music by heart, although the DJ sets tracks that he doesn’t know. In music there can be minor sound effects - accents, pauses, which dancers beat. And they need to learn to catch. On the initial chord, phrase, note, you can learn to predict what will sound next. When this ability is highly developed, it is amazing.

The brain is configured so that he himself suggests options for movement in advance, analyzing fragments of music that sounds at the moment. To learn this, you need a lot of listening to music. Famous dance teachers who came to the SDK, just about this and say: "Music, music, music!".

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