How I saved on aura

You can take a photo of the aura now in almost every yoga club or esoteric shop in Moscow. It is curious to look at the chakras, of course, but I always felt sorry for 500 rubles for this pleasure.

And last week I left the qigong class and saw the announcement above the administrator’s desk: “Photo of aura - 300 rubles.” Give, I think, I'll try.

The point is simple - you need to put your hand on a special detector and relax. A couple of minutes on the screen appeared multi-colored spots and some numbers. As it turned out, my yin and yang balance is normal, the level of relaxation is also at altitude. Only the amount of energy pumped up - almost half of the norm. And really, I felt very bad that day.

True, I did not really understand the color decoding of the aura. How to distinguish dirty green from light green or olive green on a blurred photo? But the prevailing orange color indicated the love of adventure, energy and friendliness.

What makes a small device near the desk administrator? It measures the electrical resistance of the palm lying on the detector. And then on the basis of these data draws a multi-colored aura around a person's figure.

The fact that the emotional state affects the electrical resistance of the body surface has been known for a long time. The effect was investigated by many psychologists of the twentieth century - from Carl Jung to Wilhelm Reich. So anger, fear, sexual desire should really be reflected in the photos of the aura. Similar devices are used by special services in polygraphs or lie detectors, and Scientologists use their e-meters. Many hypnotherapists with the help of such devices monitor the patient's emotions, which they introduce in a state of trance.

My girlfriend also photographed the aura - like me, it turned out to be multi-colored, but with a predominance of green shades. While we were having fun with the “aurometer”, our qigong instructor came up and also put his hand on the device. And then I opened my mouth in surprise: instead of a multi-colored jumble - a white aura without a single mixture of other colors! “It always happens that way,” he laughed. “I don’t know how this device works and what it measures, but all qigong masters have a white aura.”

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