Yourself scuba

If you, like me, always a little jealous of dolphins, this news will please you: the two-time world freediving champion Natalia Avseenko will hold two intensive courses. The first - from November 14 to 18, the second - from November 28 to December 2.

Avseenko is preparing freedivers using the YOGA-PLAVITA-SADHANA method. The intensive program includes free divers training techniques developed by the International Federation of Free Diving Federation (AIDA) Education Committee, plus free diving nutrition theory, static and dynamic classes, and debriefing - debriefing, that is, heats. But in general, as is evident from the name of the technique, Natalya relies on: on land, and specific figures, similar to, in the water.

By the way, the author of the book The Dolphin Man, the legendary Jacques Mayol, who on November 23, 1976 made his historic 105-meter dive, spoke about the meaning of yoga for freedivers. Of course, without scuba, with a reserve of air in one breath. Until then, scientists were convinced that at this depth a person should be broken from the inside. But Mayol proved: if you practice yoga, the laws of physics begin to work a little differently.

Natalya Avseenko adheres to the same views. By the way, I thought that the freediving instructor is not such a rare bird. But it turns out that instructors with an international certificate of teaching in Russia can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Too this is a laborious task - to annually pass a 70-page test in English for compliance with the status. Although in general this is quite justified, for a moment, it is about teaching a person to feel the approach of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) and to control consciousness in the open sea. And the sea, as you know, does not like jokes and carelessness.

Avseenko is one of these non-linguistic AIDA master instructors. Each student (in a group usually from 8 to 12 people) Natalia makes a personal training plan. And even if you do not know how to swim, she will teach you to feel comfortable and safe at a depth of so 100 meters.

In general, if in your dreams you floated under the water with huge white whales and jellyfish, like the heroine of The Test clip of The Chemicals Brothers, go here to the basic freediving courses. And me too. Definitely.

Course from November 14 to November 18: NDL Dive Center, Chaika Pool (metro station Kultury Kultury). Tel. +7 499 246 38 05

Course from November 28 to December 2: Crocodile Dive Center, swimming pool of the Olympic Village-80 sports complex. Tel. +7 910 465 71 48

The course fee is 300 euros.

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