Flower water for skin care in the summer

In the summer for skin care is better to use the easiest means. For example, floral water, which in the heat and refresh, and clean the face from dust, and soothe the skin after sunburn, and give it the easiest summer scent.

Flower water, floral water, hydrolat - this means a lot of names. And even more useful properties. Hydrolates are a by-product of the production of essential oils and plant extracts, the remaining condensate, which contains 5% of beneficial substances. So floral water has the same “talents” as essential oils, only to a lesser extent, gives a softer, delicate effect.

Apply hydrolaty many centuries. For example, the well-known pink water was used as a refreshing and cooling skin by the ancient Romans and Persians, and Avicenna described it in one of his tracts.

Other hydrolatas are no less valuable. In many eastern countries, by the way, they are often used in cooking: it turns out tasty, healthy and fragrant. You can check for yourself by buying a completely natural hydrolat for this. Of course, you should not add cosmetic water to food. It is better to use it in other ways, which we were told about. Marina Kryuchkova, cosmetologist, Ph.D. in Biology, author of the project of the organic cosmetics and perfume shop BIOZKA Concept Store.

How to use floral water

1. As a tonic. Since the main property of all hydrolates is moisturizing, they should be used after cleansing the skin and before applying the main cream. According to Marina Kryuchkova, floral water does not cleanse like regular lotion, so applying it to a cotton pad does not make sense. It is better to just spray on the face. And for this, buy floral water in a bottle with a spray. Pick up hydrolat is the type of skin. For oily and problem water, say, eucalyptus or lemon water will do; cornflower and neroli will soften dry, thin and sensitive water, and witch hazel water will soothe irritated skin.

2. After a shower or sunbathing. Flower water refreshes, moisturizes and soothes the skin. And since the essential oils and other beneficial substances are contained in it in a small concentration, it can be sprayed onto the entire surface of the face and body several times a day, without fear of “overfeeding” the skin or provoking an allergic reaction. Lavender hydrolate also helps the skin to recover, so take it with you on vacation. If you burn, spray this floral water on your skin and you will instantly feel relief.

3. To cool off in a dry room. (for example, in the cabin of the aircraft or in the office, where the air conditioner is fully turned on). In this case, you can splash any floral water. Best of all pink. It is suitable for all skin types, elegantly moisturizes and soothes, has a rejuvenating effect.

4. To replace perfume or deodorant. Pronounced antiseptic and deodorizing properties have the floral water of neroli and roses. And they have a pleasant aroma, unobtrusive, just what you need in summer.

5. For hair care. Chamomile, sage, neroli and rose, which have a great effect on the scalp. And if she is healthy, then the condition of the hair follicles improves, and the curls become thicker, shinier and more resilient. Try adding some floral water to your shampoo or use it for final rinsing.

6. For bathing babies. Flora water seems to be specially created to care for delicate baby skin, because it very rarely causes allergies. If the child does not fall asleep well, add lavender hydrolat, famous for its relaxing action, to the bath that the baby takes at bedtime. Flower and neroli water is also suitable, which is also very soothing.

7. As a compress for the skin around the eyes. Take hidrolat cornflower. If you need to get rid of bags and swelling under the eyes, he has no competitors! This floral water gives a soft lymphatic drainage effect and gives the face a fresh look.

8. For male skin. “The stronger sex can replace lavender hydrolate with their aftershave lotion or alcohol-based cologne,” says Marina Kryuchkova. This floral water stimulates skin regeneration, refreshes, soothes, prevents inflammation and ingrowth of hair. We recommend girls to try to use it after epilation: it will remove all discomfort as a hand.

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