Proved: smoking is stupid

Smoking makes you stupid - I made such a conclusion from a study I read the other day. I think there is some connection between this phenomenon and the fact that our state seems to encourage nicotine addiction.

As a student, it seemed to me that in dramatic moments with a cigarette, I look more expressive, and in lyrical ones I look more mature. At the same time, I did not like the taste of tobacco smoke. Therefore, I quit smoking without difficulty when I began to cough in the morning hoarsely and too often suffer from bronchitis. But as it turned out, these were not the worst consequences. I really hope that I avoided mental decline.

A direct link between the number of cigarettes and the level of IQ was noticed by Israeli scientists from the Medical Center. Chaim Sheba in Tel Hashomer. Having tested 20,000 young people, scientists have discovered an undoubted tendency: the smoother - the more stupid.

IQ of those who smoked at least a pack a day, on average, seven units less than non-smokers (94 vs. 101). IQ of those who smoke more than a pack, an average of 90.

True, a simple comparison of the number of cigarettes and the level of intelligence does not explain what is the cause and what the consequence: does smoking harm the intellect or do less intelligent people more often reach for a cigarette? If the first, then stupefaction will replenish the already extensive list of the negative effects of smoking (cancer, heart disease, sexual disorders, etc.).

However, the knowledge of the dangers of smoking makes very few people stop smoking. Rather, on the contrary, such information injects despondency and fear, which make smokers nervous and reach for another cigarette. What really works is the competent anti-tobacco policy of the state.

Here is an example for all children - the government of the American state of New Jersey, which is 1% of government revenue from the sale of cigarettes, that is, about $ 10 million annually. They smoked a lot there! Nevertheless, the result of the anti-tobacco campaign at the expense of tobacco workers was the best in the country (and therefore in the world): from 1999 to 2006 the consumption of cigarettes was halved, and, according to 2009, 62% of adult smokers are addicted to addiction.

The World Health Organization complains that only 5% of countries follow its recommendations, and the fight against smoking will not be effective as long as governments around the world benefit from cigarette taxes 500 times more than they spend on fighting smoking.

This is especially true of Russia, which in recent years has led the list of the most smoking countries. We smoke 60% of men and 30% of women. According to Deputy Vladimir Medinsky, 300,000 people die a year from the effects of smoking, that is, the population of a small city. Two years ago, the State Duma adopted the law “On the accession of the Russian Federation to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control”, but this had no effect on the sad statistics.

Tobacco in Russia is a very attractive commodity, and the prices of cigarettes and taxes on their sale are much lower than in other countries, said Dmitry Yanin, chairman of the board of the Confederation of Russian Consumer Societies (KonfOP). “In the poorest countries of the EU - Bulgaria and Romania - the budget receives from the sale of a pack of cigarettes 55 rubles. This year, tobacco companies have become generous and will pay 5 rubles, - said Yanin. - Not to sell cigarettes within walking distance, to raise prices and taxes on them several times, to completely ban smoking in public places - I want to believe that these are actions of the authorities in the near future. But you can remove the colorful and intrusive cigarette advertising from the sidewalks and from the subway right now. ”

Since the state is not particularly struggling with smoking and is not even trying to raise a tax on cigarettes, you unwittingly begin to think: by whose rules is the game being played and, in general, who is in charge here? State, individual officials or tobacco corporations themselves?

I am sure that our authorities are not aware of the latest research of Israeli scientists. Of course, this is a coincidence, but I see some connection between the ridiculously low prices of cigarettes and the fact that smoking is getting stupid. This is part of a general trend: the more stupid people are, the more manageable they are. A thinking person is inconvenient, it’s not so easy to earn money. And even more so it is impossible for him to explain why we have such absurd laws and such terrible mortality.

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