Tomilova Anastasia

Anastasia Tomilova - Moscow psychologist, Ph.D. in Psychology, Gestalt therapist, author and presenter of the ProFiguru training course, which is dedicated to the topic of nutritional psychology, in particular, food habits.

In appearance, Tomilova is a miniature elegant girl with a well-defined speech and smooth gestures. But barely talks about the problems of proper, loyal weight loss (this is one of the topics Tomilova specializes in), Nastya expresses a very clear position that does not allow compromises: “I am among those people who do not believe in efficiency - never have been. If a person wants to change his appearance once and for all, he must change his relationship with food once and for all - there is simply no other way to lose weight. ”

Back in school, Nastya decided that she would become a professional psychologist. Perhaps it was the influence of the mother - the doctor of psychological sciences. At the same time, from the very beginning Nastya saw herself only as a practicing consultant, which, in fact, she achieved as soon as possible. After graduating from university, she entered graduate school, defended her thesis, became interested (graduated from the Moscow Gestalt Institute). Around the same time, seriously interested in the topic of psychological causes of excess weight. The interest was primarily personal: during the course of her studies, Nastya gained 20 kg extra. It is unlikely that so much could weigh the acquired knowledge. As a result, she began to develop her own method of losing weight, at the same time becoming herself the first and most meticulous client. The results were impressive: from 85 kg it was possible to go down to 58 kg. Today Nastya is actively using her past experience in working with clients.

The first private consultations as a psychologist Tomilova began to give in 2002. Customers came with different questions, but almost everyone was also worried about the topic of excess weight. In fact, customers were taken hostage by their new, often unhealthy food habits, which, in turn, appeared after their spiritual experiences. Someone started to eat sweets, others “moved out” to dry rations, and still others convinced themselves that after midnight the food becomes not only tastier, but also healthier. Nastya noticed a connection. On the one hand, almost any psychological problem leaves an imprint on a person's nutrition, forming his new eating habits (mostly harmful). On the other hand, the request “I want to lose weight” almost in 100% of cases is rooted in a serious, as a rule, interpersonal problem: post-divorce, related to training or work, ineffective communication with different people and the like.

“The main thing that I teach my clients,” Nastya sums up, “never connect food with other events, be it meetings, business lunches, weddings of friends, and so on. As soon as a person begins to eat, not for the sake of satiation, but due to some secondary reasons, all - write "lost". It almost always develops into food addiction. In fact, half the world and lives. We come to visit relatives and immediately sit down at the table, although we had a good lunch before leaving the house. But we are afraid to offend someone else's sense of hospitality. And then, coming home, we sit down to dinner or eat up for the children, who also endlessly learn not to leave pieces on a plate. And since we call throwing food into the garbage "blasphemy", then you should go to the end and call your own body "garbage can." A huge number of people live just to eat, and not vice versa. In a word, to say “no” is useful not only for self-esteem, but also for the figure. ”

You can get acquainted with Anastasia Tomilova and her program in more detail by reading Nastin LJ, the records in which are already being drawn to a decent book about nutrition.