Join hands: care for your skin in the fall

Closer to winter, hand skin care should become more thorough. A good cream, soft scrub, masks and massage will help to cope with the typical problems of the cold season - peeling, dryness and irritation.

The main tool for hand care is cream. It both moisturizes and nourishes and protects. Therefore, it should be chosen carefully. From my own experience, I can say that products with natural oils (especially macadamia nut, shea, argan), sea minerals, vitamins A and E quickly reanimate the skin of hands. A good "winter" hand cream is rich in composition and dense in texture, while In this, it must be absorbed quickly and completely. Such products may contain special components that create a special protective film on the skin surface. When choosing a hand cream, look at its main components. In the list of ingredients they are listed at the very beginning. For example, if there is glycerin, the agent will soften and moisturize well; lanolin - to nourish and stimulate blood circulation; Collagen - increase skin elasticity and smooth fine wrinkles. And if the cream contains calcium, then at the same time strengthen the nails. But one cream will not be enough. Complete hand care with a quality scrub and mask.

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