Taras Klimov: How does fitness differ in Russia and abroad?

Russians are not as good as Europeans, they understand why you need to do fitness and how much it can change your life. But it seems to me that very soon this situation will become different.

In Russia, fitness has significantly fewer fans than abroad. In Moscow, approximately 3-4% of residents are engaged in fitness, and in London - 15%. This is partly due to the fact that our compatriots care less about their health. This, in turn, can be attributed to the stratification of society by income. After all, fitness is not a cheap pleasure, and probably this is why we are still lagging behind.

However, the situation is gradually changing. Open economy clubs, there are programs and television channels dedicated to fitness. For example, “LIVE!” Offers to engage in any disciplines at any convenient time for only 100 rubles per month. But the main thing that gives hope for the great future of Russian fitness is our instructors.

I often attend international fitness conventions and have noticed for a long time that instructors from Russia stand out among the rest with their creativity. They strive to make their performances memorable, each has a unique style. In Europe, step aerobics classes are closer to the classical school, and our children develop the so-called new style - bright, free and incendiary. Worth a look:

[jv_plz_show_youtube_video "t0BiU7paZ8k"]

Did you have any experience in fitness abroad?

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