Anti-Age Specialists: Klats Ronald

An American who coined the term "anti-age." He possesses a revolutionary idea that aging is a disease that can and should be treated.

Since 1981, Ronald Klatz has been studying the mechanisms of human aging and developing methods to slow down this process. He is one of the founders and current president of the American Academy of Anti-Age Medicine (A4M), established in 1993.

Sometimes reminiscent of the enthusiasm and pressure of a street vendor in drugs, Klats does not skimp on loud promises. In his book “Stop the Disease of Aging”, Klats writes: “If I told you that you can live to be a hundred years old, remaining as healthy and energetic as you are now? If you already suffer from the painful manifestations of aging, then you will be able to translate the hands of the clock twenty years ago and leave them in that position until you reach the centenary? Would you be interested in this? But what if these thirty additional years added to life expectancy allow you to live long enough to take advantage of even newer scientific breakthroughs that will keep your healthy active life up to 120-130 years or even more? ”

As a wonderful elixir, Klats suggests only a growth hormone, which was previously used exclusively for treating children with growth retardation and physical development (dwarfism). Klats is sure that this substance helps to strengthen the immune system, get rid of fat deposits, build muscle mass, increase muscle tone, increase sexual potential, strengthen memory, etc. In the same book, Klats described how artificially stimulating the production of growth hormone in the body , it is possible to slow down or even suspend age-related changes, providing a person with “eternal youth”. Statement, at least, controversial - there is another opinion regarding the use of growth hormone in adults.

Dr. Klatsa has many followers. There are several dozen clinics in the world that deal with rejuvenation with the use of growth hormone stimulants, most of them located in the United States. In 2004, almost 30 thousand Americans took such drugs to slow aging. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Institute of Binary Rejuvenation, established in 2004 and a member of A4M, works according to this method.

Dr. Klats himself daily takes the following set of drugs: vitamin E - 800 IU, vitamin C - from 2,000 to 12,000 mg, beta-carotene - 15 mg, selenium - 200 micrograms, coenzyme Q-10 - 100 mg, ginkgo extract - 80 mg , garlic capsules - 12 pcs., as well as one capsule with a high content of multivitamins and minerals, but without iron and copper.

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