Where does Alena Mordovina's ability to combine incompatible

Instructor "LIVE!" Alain Mordovina talks about vishudha chakra. This chakra is the most highly developed in her own, and now we know why Alyona dresses extravagantly, takes everything new with passion and does not tolerate monotony.

In school, when there were no lessons, my friends and I came to visit a classmate. Her mother fashionably dressed, she had a lot of beautiful clothes. In Soviet times it was rare. We took out all the clothes from the closet and played in the demonstration models. It was necessary to combine different things with each other, and I did it better than anyone. The friends said: "You have good taste, you know how to pick up clothes." Although most often I created a single image of things that at first glance did not combine with each other at all.

Since then, nothing has changed. I have earrings - dried lemon. A friend says: "They can not be worn, it's food." And I have rubber boots with a pattern of lemons, and with these lemons in their ears, the boots are perfectly combined. If you also wear a bright pink herringbone top, you get a very unusual look. When I walk down the street, people turn around.

My mom's favorite phrase: "Do as everyone else" - from childhood threw me into shock. For me, this is unacceptable. Clothing does not have to be from well-known fashion designers, as long as it is fancy, original, custom-made. The main thing is not the brand, but exclusivity - this is the motto of people with developed vishudha-chakra, to which I belong. Other examples: Renata Litvinova, Nikolai Baskov, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Valentin Yudashkin and Dr. Brown from the movie “Back to the Future”.

Characteristic behavior for such people is the improvement of existing ideas and the search for an optimal way out of any situation. They strive to do everything perfectly and do not believe that the best is the enemy of the good. That's probably why I look in the mirror every time I leave the house, and even if I’m late, I’ll still take the time to change clothes if I don’t like something in my appearance.

Like all people with advanced vishudha, I usually light up the idea that I liked. I can drop everything and take care of its embodiment right now. Houses will be a mess, but I will not pay attention to it. I devote all the time to one idea, until I can manage the case to the end. Well, or until the fuse is over.

Creating new directions in various areas of life, creativity, the desire to solve problems in a new way, a creative approach to any life situations, beautiful speech - all these are inherent in advanced vishudha features. To develop this chakra, you need to master any arts - dancing, singing, surgery, cooking, the ability to handle computers - and strive to bring their skills to the degree of skill. In all actions where the search for harmony and a perfect image is required, accuracy, vishudha is involved and developed.

In Russian schools, emphasizing mistakes in red, teachers suppress vishudha from students. In Japan, it is customary to highlight among teachers what they liked. Thus, children are encouraged to improve what they especially have and the vishudha chakra, on the contrary, develops.

Disadvantages of people with developed vishudha - talkativeness, imbalance and arrogance. Therefore, it is easy to communicate with them. To such a person, you can say: “Help me out, no one can handle you any better.” And it will catch fire. Or, for example, say this: "You can not do it, the other will do better, he is a professional." Then the interlocutor, of course, wants to prove the opposite. “Help me set the table,” says a husband with a developed vishudha to her husband. “My dear, you do it much better, I don’t want to spoil the master’s work,” he replies, and he will not have to help him anymore.

When vishudha is hypertrophied, there are difficulties. For me it is very difficult to repeat the same actions all the time and not be able to bring something new to the process. If I have to conduct a yoga course with the condition that there will be no changes in it, then in three months it will become unbearable for me.

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