7 ways to make a stomach flat without diets and exercises

According to the most loyal (and maybe lazy?) Experts from the field of wellness, to look slim, you do not have to sit on hard diets and exhaust yourself with exercises. Sometimes it is enough just to straighten your posture and drink more water. We have collected for you the whole 7 non-obvious tips how to look slimmer without any extra effort.

Improve your posture

Remember, as a mother as a child, said: "Go not hump, keep your back straight"? Oh, how right she was! Fitness experts say: to look slimmer, you need to walk with your back straight, look in front of you and strain your abdominal muscles. Thus, you do not waste time in vain, while walking in the park or at work - also press the pump.

Drink more water

When you drink a little liquid, the body tries to save water, which causes swelling, which have a negative effect, including on your figure. So try to drink at least two liters of water per day.

Do not constipate

They lead to bloating, which visually increases the waist. Therefore, make sure that the chair is regular: at least once a day. (Useful tips on this topic, we shared here).

Chew food thoroughly

In order to prevent bloating, try to chew food thoroughly. Do not swallow food in chunks, savor and enjoy your meal. And give up the chewing gum, they can cause flatulence and bloating - just because of the large amount of air swallowed in the process. Want to refresh your breath? Mint candies help you.

Drink probiotics

These are beneficial bacteria that help the digestive system work like a clock, including preventing bloating. Under the influence of malnutrition and stress in our body, their numbers are reduced. Therefore, it is sometimes useful to feed yourself with probiotics from the outside. You can take probiotics in bads, or you can eat foods rich in these ingredients, such as yogurt. For a complete list of such products, look for here.

Do not forget to walk

If you have a sedentary job, and there is no time for fitness because of time trouble, do not miss the opportunity to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Walking in the fresh air, and even better running, stimulates the microcirculation of blood, oxygen and, of course, metabolism. Which helps to find a slim waist.


If you are in tension all the time, the stress hormone cortisol begins to circulate in your body. This is the enemy of healthy skin, hair and shape. Cortisol slows down the metabolism, stimulates uncontrolled zhor and the accumulation of body fat.

Therefore, when you come home after work, try to relax in the bathroom with foam for at least half an hour. Or sign up for a massage course.

If you are not looking for easy ways and want to get a flat stomach, having built up your food and doing sports, use this this step by step program.

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